Neuropathy Bundle 1

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Lipoic EF

Several studies have been published on the benefits of alpha lipoic acid and different forms of neuropathies. Most research has used a dosage 600 mg of alpha lipoic acid taken once a day, that's equivalent to two tablets of the Lipoic EF taken at the same time once daily.

Alpha lipoic acid has shown to improve objective measurements of neurological deficit and disability within 3-5 weeks (Ruhnau KJ, et al. 1999).

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Effective S-Acetyl Glutathione

Glutathione is your primary defense against aging.

It makes sense to take glutathione when having neurological symptoms since glutathione is a very effective antioxidant and helps to protect every tissue in the body.

It's a very effective antioxidant that the body makes to protect itself from free radical damage (oxidative stress). It can help repair cells that are damaged by stress, radiation, pollution, infection, and other illnesses.

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Better Curcumin

Curcumin is recommended here since inflammation is often present with neuropathy , and Curcumin helps to reduce inflammation.

Research has shown a significant effect of curcumin in lowering IL-6, an inflammatory marker
 (Derosa G, et al. 2016).

Research has documented the many benefits of curcumin (found in turmeric spice), but regular curcumin is hard to absorb. Our formula improves the intake of this beneficial substance into the cells.

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Vitamin-B Complex

B vitamins and especially B12 are important for the nervous system.

There is some evidence that a B vitamin complex can improve the symptoms of neuropathy, but it is not as effective as alpha lipoic acid (Ang CD, et al. 2008).

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